DXG-W-T-80 automatic die changing punching machine
1、 DXG-W-T-80是用于管料外沖孔專用加工設備,可對直徑在Ф80以下的鋼管、銅、鋁管進行加工。
2、 本機采用人工插管,機器自動分度、自動換模、自動沖孔等動作。
3、 機器自帶刀庫可安裝8種不同的沖模和凹模,可自動調用刀庫內的沖模和與之對應的凹模沖裁不同孔徑,這樣可大大節省換模的時間提高生產效率,特別適用于需要在一根管材上沖不同孔徑不同分布角度的產品。
1. The DXG-W-T-80 is processing equipment used for the punching of external tubes, and can be used to process steel, copper and aluminum tubes with diameter of less than 80mm.
2. The machine adopts manual tube inserting for automatic indexing, mold changing and punching.
3. The machine is equipped with tool library where eight different dies can be installed. The punch dies and their corresponding female dies in the tool library can be automatically called to blank holes of different diameters, which can greatly save time of die changing to improve production efficiency, especially applicable to products which holes with different diameters and distribution angles need to be punched on one tube.